EATER published its list of New York City’s best looking servers. Check it out at in a posting by Greg Morabito “The 15 New York Restaurants with the Hottest Servers” .

Yes, we’ll say there’s some good looking servers about these restaurants (though, not at all of those listed – goes to show you that beauty is in the eye of the beholder) but in this city overpopulated with darn good looking people, its easy to find visual engagement at many a food stop.  Some of us don’t give a flying f@#$ if the server is hot and sometimes, hot ain’t cool – after all, don’t you hate when your date is distracted by your “hot” server?!  Fact is, all’s okay at the table as long as the server has no festering wounds, malodorous body fumes or ungainly weight issues interfering with your main objective, which is, after all, to eat and, hopefully, eat well.

Time for food multiple choice: what would you choose?  (a) memorable meal with an unmemorable looking waitstaff; (b) unmemorable meal and a memorable looking waitstaff; (c) memorable meal and a memorable looking waitstaff; or, (d) unmemorable meal and an unmemorable looking waitstaff. (See how you did below)

If you chose (a) you’re a pure gastronome; (b) you’re a 

letch; (c) you’re an aesthete; (d) you’re a putz.

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