Phew, those cinema-gorilla views at the EMPIRE STATE BUILDING sure can leave you hungry.  Luckily, your oh-so close to KOREA WAY, the one block stretch of 32nd Street between Broadway and 5th Avenue in New York City.

Lots of hustle bustle crowds keep you moving along busy sidewalks packed with locals and tourists. A few banks, hotels and commercial shops round off a slew of restaurants, many of which are open around the clock.  From polished BBQ joints to food court stalls you’re in for everything culinary Korean.

We’re keeping away from the Chinese and Japanese fusion joints – after all, this is Korea Way.

We’re also wary of of the restaurants with far-from-lifelike plastic food displays, weathered photos and looped videos touting their own eats offerings.  These concerns aside, tops on our list along Korea Way: Miss Korea for bbq (10 W. 32nd St), BCD for tofu-centric plates (17 W. 32nd St) and Mandoo Bar for dumplings (2 W. 32nd St). Not to say we’re averse to the cheap and cheerful fried chicken that takes center stage at many a fast food counter, including Kyochon (350 5th Ave at the corner of 32nd St).

Don’t forget dessert. Pass over branches of the city’s ubiquitous fro-yo shops (i.e., Pinkberry) and head straight to Paris Baguette (6 W. 32nd St). Actually you can head to Paris Baguette to finish off your meal or for the meal itself.  Its a real “ooh là là” moment at this branch of a Korean bakery chain where breads and pastries are at their East Asian-meets-French best. Absolutely and totally yum.

Need to shop. Lots of supplies at the Han Ah Reum Supermarket (25 W. 32nd St) – we’ll avoid the not-so-fresh-looking produce, meats and fish all sealed away in their plastic wrap but, for Korean dry goods, packaged staples and branded frozen foods, this is a must stop for an all-things Korean shop.



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