A lot has changed from 1980s Christopher Street when the strip was a magnet for the then marginalized gay community. At that time, the bars, fetishist and fashion shops catering to homo-culture dominated the drag between Hudson Street and Greenwich Avenue. Eating was an afterthought and, eating well an impossibility. Not so anymore.  Skip past the Starbucks, the Dunkin Donuts and, even the better than average Corrado Bread & Pastry shop and there’s some exceptional eateries to explore.

At I SODI (105 Christopher Street) dinner is a composition of fine tuned rustic Italian plates in beautiful clean-lined environs. A hop-and-a-skip down the block past McNulty’s ancient tea and coffee shop is IL CANTUCCI (91 Christopher Street) a bakery cafe where the signature biscotti and breads make for exceptional and unique bakes.  Cross over 7th Avenue and at the corner of Waverly Place you’ll come upon JEFFREY’S GROCERY (172 Waverly Place) a general store done up in old-world style that shines from early morning to late night for its haute luncheonette fare. Follow Waverly across to where Christopher forks and Grove Street starts and it’s the very American JOSEPH LEONARD (170 Waverly Place) with its pub-like charms and super satisfying meals served throughout the day. You can always head to standout restos along the neighboring blocks of Waverly Place, 10th and Bedford Streets but at least you’ll never have to leave Christopher Street hungry.

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