Last year it was a prune, albeit an Italian one covered in dark chocolate. Mysterious, bittersweet and satisfying, I fell in love with the MARANGONI CIOCCOLATO at LA FROMAGERIE in London. In the abyss of grief following a breakup it was an all consuming experience, one that was more than I could have hoped for,  proving that if you can’t have the plum then, alas, you can more than make do with a prune.

This year my valentine is green. You might think of envy: envy for the current betrothed of the boyfriend that got away.  Perhaps a little bit but since there’s nothing to be done with that scenario that green’s got a very light hue.  On the contrary, my valentine is a darkish earthy green – envision a ton-sur-ton melange with the likes of kale, spinach, romaine and celery.

My Green Valentine

There’s no spinning out of centrifugal emotional control in this romance but rather a slow and steady juice press of affection in my “Green LOVE” from ORGANIC AVENUE .  It’s a relationship in my best interests – raw and organic, it’s nutrient rich with a little pear for sweetness and lemon to keep me grounded in reality.

Chilly yes – what else would you expect from a first cold press?  Even at that temperature though, no love dud here – once my lips meet it’s a kiss that leaves me refreshed and energized and, isn’t that what a Valentine’s kiss is all about?

ORGANIC AVENUE, Multiple Locations, New York City, LA FROMAGERIE, Marylebone and Highbury, London, England.

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