Lots of good restaurants in the shadows of the San Francisco Opera House and Davies Symphony Hall in the small enclave that is Hayes Valley.

Turn off the main street to the park-like stretch that is Patricia’s

Green and it’s time for coffee and desert at the former freight container that has been converted to a modern-edged shack housing RITUAL COFFEE ROASTERS on one side and SMITTEN ICE CREAM on the other. It is art installation meets utilitarian eats venue.

The culinary as science project is from the ingenuity of founder Robyn Sue Goldman and her Kelvin: not the Kelvinator refrigerators of yore but a looks-like-laboratory machine that creates ice cream using liquid nitrogen and a tight list of organic ingredients.  No stabilizers needed to create this superbly creamy (and always ice crystal free) deliciousness owing to Kelvin’s ability to generate such incredibly cold temperatures.

Made on the spot, this is one scoop to remember – no doubts at all, you will be SMITTEN. 432 Octavia Street, #1A, San Francisco. Tel. 415-863-1518. Open Daily 12-9p.m.

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