19 Jul LONDON 2012, READY TO-GO?!


Okay, you’ve got everything you need. The camera and smartphone combo with GPS and, just to play it safe your printed guide (better be a MAPPETITE!), a raincoat and an umbrella, though that could turn out to be a dangerous accessory on this city’s Olympic congested streets. Oh, and don’t forget patience – if the crowd swells are what they’re predicting you could be in for a constant crush – with just about two weeks to go, London Town is already a squeeze. As far as food is concerned, not

to worry – London has your back with great on-the-go-eats during the Olympic and Paralympic Games.


With shops that seem to be on every corner, it’s always easy to play it safe at PRET A MANGER.  With its organic and natural ingredients edge, it’s a medal winner in the sandwich-to-go-athon. No doubts, PRET is leagues ahead of it’s competitor EAT though English grocer M&S FOOD and it’s mini-me M&S.SIMPLY FOOD keep the event competitive with less expensive seats.


Even as the luxe DAYLESFORD ORGANIC enters the

race with its newly minted sandwiches to-go, I have my wager on GAIL’S BREAD in the upscale takeaway sandwich-and-bakes-athon. From France, the sandwich-and-bakes-sprinter to watch is definitely PAUL;  this French athlete knows how to consistently perform. In the pricier prepared-foods-and-bakes-to-go-athon the GROCER ON ELGIN and posh nosh OTTOLENGHI will both definitely make their way to the victory podium. Oh, and keep an eye out for Japan with ITSU leading the pack, followed by WASABI – that will definitely make for a close race and cheers from fans in the bento box.

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