No Mad Cow concerns at the DUKE OF WELLINGTON gastro pub.

Lucky for that owing to their ELVIS BURGER – a double online viagra patty (each a huge quarter pounder plus) with bacon, cheese and  peanut butter (oddly, at just a smidgen, it adds a tasty palate edge).

The Duke of Wellington’s Elvis

Balance that whopper with coleslaw, pickles and frites and you’re set for a serious food coma but oh, this BURGERS GONE BERSERK is a great bovine find. Though, “mind-the-gap” as these hefty patties may be a constant but toppings vary so there’s a chance that the

Elvis Burger might be replaced by a James Dean or a Patsy Kline.

At ₤16.25, approximately $24.50, this

is one rich man’s working man’s meal. Share it with a friend along with a starter of dressed Cornish crab on toast or moules mariner and you’re talking serious surf-and-turf time.

THE DUKE OF WELLINGTON, 94a Crawford Street, Marylebone, London, Tel. 020 7723 2790


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