The placard fronting the Japanese restaurant on Greenwich Avenue reads “ALL YOU CAN EAT SUSHI”.

What’s the psychology behind that offer Mr. Ginzu master? Just the thought of it gets me queasy. After all, you’re talking about raw fish. No sustainable and organic creds for these Japanese eats – this isn’t Nobu or Masa.  Heck this isn’t even the local Korean

deli where faux sushi (which we avoid at any cost) doesn’t even get discount status.  Someone’s obviously not thinking in the marketing department – no bargains wanted when it comes to Japanese plates.

Still tempted? If the worn sushi for sale sign isn’t indication enough, look no further than the hygiene grade “B” in the window lest you have a view of the unsavory upholstery-laden interiors.

Then there’s that darn heat. Bargain priced sushi in the hot summer heat – now, that just ain’t right.


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