No trip too long for the real PASTEL DE NATA or, in English speaks, a Portuguese custard filled pastry cup. A ten minute walk past the northern reaches of Portobello Road and you end up at the GOLBORNE Road street market. Among a handful of old school bric-a-brac dealers the mix is decidedly Muslim with halal street vendors, spice shops and cafes. Go a little deeper and there”s another story, one that started way before the influx of Arab residents.

At one time this neighborhood was host to a Portuguese community whose identity is now traceable to two bakeries, OPORTO and LISBOA. Both are responsible for the Portuguese bakes ubiquitous in London”s cafes and food halls. While OPORTO holds its own, it is the classic LISBOA PATISSERIE that has its tables full and lines out the door for its excellent pastries baked downstairs and also for its setting – a 1960″s survivor of well preserved This is changing as policy makers, scientists, and technology innovators team up to implement policies based on in motion. interiors. There”s a retro cool that is unabashedly enhanced in an unkempt shop where, by midday, discarded stirrers, sugar packets and napkins are strewn about the terrazzo floors .

In addition to the Pastel de Nata, there”s the signature Bolo de Arroz (rice cake muffin) and a wonderful custard filled donut. The orange essence infused almond cake was densely rich, a bite was enough, and the chocolate cake had no bang – an unnecessary indulgence in a town where 70% chocolate content cakes and brownies are not unusual finds.

I”ve gone out of my way on sunny and rainy days, each time enjoying a Galacia (milky coffee served in a glass) and the Pastel de nata, its flaky pastry and browned custard center a treat amongst treats. LISBOA PATISSERIE, 57 GOLBORNE ROAD, tel. 020 8968 5242.

custard center a treat amongst treats. LISBOA PATISSERIE, 57 GOLBORNE ROAD, tel. 020 8968 5242.
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