Who is Dave Thomas? It’s likely you’ll have little recollection of the man by name but, mention his daughter Wendy and it all becomes crystal clear.  Though there’s no clear originator , Dave’s burger chain Wendy’s capitalized on of the salad bar, bringing cool greens and traditional salad add-ins to the world of fast food. From its 1960’s mid-Western origins it has come a long way to include vast arrays of chilled and heated selections. Ubiquitous around the globe in  budget corner grocers, middlebrow dining halls and high end eateries, the salad bar has  achieved a far reaching (and often, gourmet) prominence.

That being said, I am not a food bar fan.  Sub-par vittles and lot’s of unsanitary moments abound at any self-service food station,  let alone from what comes from behind better kitchen doors.  But, it’s the real world and you’ve got to eat – simple solutions abound to keep away from a scary eats expedition. Take a glance around or a concentrated sniff.  If it looks dirty or smells bad then you best be gone.  If all is okay, then forge ahead. Grab a napkin (all the better to avoid those utensils that food taster’s unclean fingers touch in-between their hand to mouth maneuvers) and go in for your helping.

Next up, the buffet……

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