What’s not to love about JOSEPH LEONARD?  The setting? Absolutely charming –  a special corner in Greenwich Village. The interior design? An eclectic look that, though bordering on faux rustic, is warm and inviting. And, the food? Tasty well sourced ingredients in comfort-minded American gastro-pub plates.  Put it all together and you have a home run restaurant. But, what about those napkins?

You can ignore the sensory dynamic of  budget interiors, cheap hardware and a bathroom (as long as it’s clean). But putting napkin to touch should not have stiff polyester abrasiveness in the equation.  What about linen/cotton blends? Heck, what about linen/cotton/polyester blends? We’d even take paper.  When 100% polyester takes assault on your hands and mouth,  the best meals at any cost just don’t  seem to be what they aught.

Watching the owner of Joseph Leonard, with his jeans hanging down below his buttocks in homeboy fashion reaffirmed why even the best food can go from satisfying to unappetizing at the drop of a belt (or napkin) notch.  JOSEPH LEONARD, 170 Waverly Place,

NYC, No Reservations

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