June 1st rolled around and three restaurants along or not far from Greenwich

Avenue went bust. While we’ve gotten use to the empty Dayo space at 12th and the more recent Bruxelles at 13th now add the following to the list:

The ill-fated Philipe Chow (what the #$@#$ were they thinking with this slicker-than-need-be French-edged Chinese (which, was sort of good) on that service-minded strip of Sixth Avenue anyway?):

The less than mediocre and pedestrian Arte Pasta  (freeing up four retail storefronts put the odds in our favor of something more inventive and satisfying opening); and,

The culinary hopeful but doomed (no restaurant survives in that 10th Street locale) Bistro Blanc (which, started as Bar Blanc, morphed to Bistro and now is just one big empty blanc!).

Something new is astir at the Cafe Bruxelles space at 13th and we’re happy with the catering spot from the folks at the Little Owl opening at 93 Greenwich Avenue by 12th (if it is a meals-to-go counter spot they may have a home run on their hands).

We got a chuckle for the change of the old (and dirty) Chinese restaurant (what was it’s name? – Sichuan Greenwich maybe?) which now a new Asian bistro called IN2010 – bad bad bad -is basically the same restaurant with cheap furniture a la a modern motif. Capital  ICK on the  upholstered furniture – gross in any food setting. A couple of doors down it’s the sub par and juvenile eats of Sweetie Pie.  Best to walk easterly for a slew of plausible, if not necessarily destination, chow spots along Greenwich Avenue. Visit www.mappetite.com for an expanded neighborhood list.

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